time goes by so slowly

and time goes by so slowly
and time can do so much
are you still mine?

do you remember that lyrics? it is the soundtrack of film the Ghosts, feat Demi Moore…

i don’t know why the time today passed by so slowly…
even i can hear it’s beat drums my today’s life

yest’day my wife was so sad, feeling so blue, afraid of misery and love… last nite, we were discussing the problems and tried to understand and found out the solutions…

today, she sent me sms:

may we are able to love each other,
may by the love we are gathered in Him,
forgive me for the way i love you,
may the rest of times fulfilled by good deeds and good things.
may the good passed by were written as the sign of loving.
i luv u..!


2 Responses to time goes by so slowly

  1. bidadari badung berkata:

    De tau… time goes by so slowly…
    Cos you miss me sooooo much! And cant stand to meet me soon…
    Well, Me too! Me too!

  2. Wisa berkata:

    duh gak kuku.. persis kayak film.. yg jelas senang banget kalau ada temen yg lagi bahagia.. God bless U both..:)

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