track me at changi

20 Agustus, 2007

just only have 60 minutes transit in changi airport. andi ran to prayer room to take isya’ then hunt the internet access near F transfer. just to trace…


one step to london

20 Agustus, 2007

this morning andi still took care of Radya who pip and pup in his pant. then looked for rooster in every building material shop. could took a nap before went to the airport.

this evening was posting a journal in the lounge. this is andi’s first time going to london. it would be a nice journey, hopefully. the aircraft will flying andi from cengkareng to singapore, then to heathrow tonight. aah, what an 18 hours long flight.


radya and his green turtle

20 Agustus, 2007

radya is very fond of turtle and fish. his first turtle was bought in early June 07, at sunday market at Kukusan. he took care his turtle as he likes to play with it happily. it was the time when he took the turtle out of its box and he get wet because the water came out from it. and was the time when radya become very sad when he did not find his turtle box, because his father hide it from him. but radya and his green turtle was a part of his stories.

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