Dorset, Enid Blyton’s country

24 Agustus, 2007

Do you know that Enid Blyton’s stories are based on real life from her experience when visit Dorset? Famous Five Have Plenty of Fun tells about Faynight Castle in Kirrin Island. Faynight Castle, a ruined castle because of war, is based on Corfe Castle. Andi felt the famous five experience when taking steam train travel from Swanage to Corfe Castle yesterday. Andi also bought some Enid Blyton’s book in Ginger Pop Store, while he had read the indonesian translation in his early age, for gift.

Swanage has beautiful sites to be visit, it’s white sand beach, and many seagulls you can find more than in Bournemouth. It’s Old Hary Rocks in the edge of it’s Jurassic Coast is a natural monument. Also the Corfe Castle Village, which has a nice ruined mysterious castle. Didn’t find any mosque in swanage, andi took his prayer in the garden near station.

Going back to Bournemouth just as simple as go to Swanage. A return trip ticket of Dorset Belles from Dorsetcruise bring you v.v. Bournemouth Pier – Swanage Pier.


get in travel in london

24 Agustus, 2007

going anywhere in london is easy, that’s what the underground offer you. by a travelcard, you dont have to buy ticket everytime you take the tube train or bus. you can take Day Travelcard, 3 Days Travelcard, 1 Week Travelcard, or Oyster Travelcard for you who stay in London. But the fares will be different for each zone. But still, it makes easy to getting around london.

Mas Asep had took andi to Temple station and show him some interesting places to visit. then Andi went to Westminster sta to get closer to Bigben Clock and Parliament Building. Andi could also saw the wheel from Westminster Bridge.

For taking his Asr prayer, Andi went to London Central Mosque which is near Regent’s Park. He also had his dinner in the restaurant under the mosque. Then Andi went back to Baker Street Station by bus. Andi back to Willesden Green and had his Magrib prayer in Central Mosque of Brent, a Pakistani’s mosque.

Andi likes to go to the mosque. Anywhere he goes, he always try to find mosque nearby.


reporting for bbc london :)

24 Agustus, 2007

this morning, andi woke up late. yesterday was a busy day and so tired. went to Indonesian embassy for a sign in report by tube jubilee train from willesden green to bond street. andi purchased a 3 day Travelcard for his convenient travel around london zone 1 & 2 for only £16. cheaper than he buy ticket for every train.

at the embassy meet wahyu, an indonesian who work as a house helper. he has a thai wife, they met and married in london. but his wife now works in germany. many stories from him while had lunch in embassy’s canteen. but we have short of time because today is friday. andi went with some embassy worker to egypt embassy which held jumaa prayer. because of late coming, andi with some people who also late, should waiting outside the room, and conduct the prayer outside.

after prayer, andi went to bbc indonesia by tube central train stop at holborn station, to meet mas asep setiawan. and this report was written from bbc, by mas asep account. thanks mas.


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