Dorset, Enid Blyton’s country

Do you know that Enid Blyton’s stories are based on real life from her experience when visit Dorset? Famous Five Have Plenty of Fun tells about Faynight Castle in Kirrin Island. Faynight Castle, a ruined castle because of war, is based on Corfe Castle. Andi felt the famous five experience when taking steam train travel from Swanage to Corfe Castle yesterday. Andi also bought some Enid Blyton’s book in Ginger Pop Store, while he had read the indonesian translation in his early age, for gift.

Swanage has beautiful sites to be visit, it’s white sand beach, and many seagulls you can find more than in Bournemouth. It’s Old Hary Rocks in the edge of it’s Jurassic Coast is a natural monument. Also the Corfe Castle Village, which has a nice ruined mysterious castle. Didn’t find any mosque in swanage, andi took his prayer in the garden near station.

Going back to Bournemouth just as simple as go to Swanage. A return trip ticket of Dorset Belles from Dorsetcruise bring you v.v. Bournemouth Pier – Swanage Pier.


3 Responses to Dorset, Enid Blyton’s country

  1. intothepresence berkata:

    a ruined castle , i hear that when played game, btw nice content

  2. afterharrypotter berkata:
    Your No 1 Resource for Children’s Books Run Entirely by Kids

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