jetlag, what kind of animal is that?

4 Desember, 2007

jetlag, usually faced by people who go for travel across the time different. it’s a kind of body condition adjustment to the new ambien. usually happened to people who travel which the time different more than 6 hours from the origin. some people consume medicine to avoid this condition so that the body can forget its tired, and adjusted with no pain instantly. but this magical treat of medicine will give your body an anti, and will effect your future condition. i would not recommend you to do this.

our body, by the grace of Allah, was built to adjust itself to face new condition naturally. there are some tips for you to get off the jet lag and if we do that correctly, we will not get it seriously.

try to take enough rest before you travel, is the way for your body to ready for travel. arrange your flight wisely so that you can take enough rest for each transit, and take one or more days before do your job in arrival. when on board, drink much water and juice, so that your body get the need of vitamin and mineral, take light meal to keep your body fit. try to take enough rest  on board. try to keep in motion while awake and take light exercise so that your body feel comfort and to avoid serious deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

hopefully this will help you handle the jet lag. if you feel this tip useful, please let us know by giving us your comment.

i request for special meal

4 Desember, 2007

flying with an airline, even though arranged by travel agent, we can make our fly better. choose the time sufficient for you to do the administration process in the airport. for me, as a muslim, meals and drinks does matter. actually you can request special meals before flying so that the airline can preserve for you. and something good that you can request it is by joining as member of frequent flyer. you just not only can request for the meals, but you can also request for the seat preference, and you will get the mile points which can be exchange to free journey when achieve some values.

when flying british airways from jakarta to london via hong kong, the cathay pacific (code share with british airways) flight attendant came to my seat and explain that they don’t serve for the moslem meal requested. then she give me list of meals i can choose. i prefer vegetarian and fish. in the flight to london, the attendance automatically serve for me moslem meal. but in the morning, i was shock when served an english breakfast: pork sausage and meat.

“i cant eat this, i have request for special meal,” then the attendance notice shortly, “oh sorry, maybe was serve while you were sleep. i will get your meal soon.”

and my special meal then come, and i can eat in convenience.

halal is every muslim concern

4 Desember, 2007

not every muslim pay attention to what they eat and drink, padahal it is essential and principal yang membuatnya menjadi salah satu pilar keislaman according to Imam Ahmad say: there are three hadith wahich are essential and principal to muslim, hadith of Umar, hadith of Aisha, and hadith of Nu’man.

hadits dari Umar mengenai pentingnya niat dalam beramal, hadits dari Aisyah mengenai pentingnya rujukan tuntunan dalam beribadah, sedangkan hadits dari Nu’man mengenai halal dan haram sebagai batasan yang menegaskan antara niat dan tuntunan amal.

halal dan haram adalah sangat jelas berdasarkan apa yang dikabarkan di dalam Alquran, ditambah dengan apa yang dijelaskan dalam hadits-hadits sahih. sedangkan di antara halal dan haram terdapat yang musytabihat atau meragukan. jika kita meninggalkan keraguan kita aman, sedangkan jika mengacuhkan akan terjerumus kepada yang haram.

better if you go out for eat and drink, make sure that the meals and drink s that served for you is halal. look at the certification that usually shown in frame, or ask the waiter or waitress to explain the meals, its contents and the way they serves.

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