jetlag, what kind of animal is that?

jetlag, usually faced by people who go for travel across the time different. it’s a kind of body condition adjustment to the new ambien. usually happened to people who travel which the time different more than 6 hours from the origin. some people consume medicine to avoid this condition so that the body can forget its tired, and adjusted with no pain instantly. but this magical treat of medicine will give your body an anti, and will effect your future condition. i would not recommend you to do this.

our body, by the grace of Allah, was built to adjust itself to face new condition naturally. there are some tips for you to get off the jet lag and if we do that correctly, we will not get it seriously.

try to take enough rest before you travel, is the way for your body to ready for travel. arrange your flight wisely so that you can take enough rest for each transit, and take one or more days before do your job in arrival. when on board, drink much water and juice, so that your body get the need of vitamin and mineral, take light meal to keep your body fit. try to take enough rest  on board. try to keep in motion while awake and take light exercise so that your body feel comfort and to avoid serious deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

hopefully this will help you handle the jet lag. if you feel this tip useful, please let us know by giving us your comment.

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