look at where the money comes from

for employees, the money come every month from their employer. for businessmen, the money come from their business. for some self-employees, the money come from the services offered. means that, every works and job will give its worker the money, which will come periodically or occasionally, depends on what kind of job they do. that kind of money is lawful, because it is gained by an effort: working for the job.

sadly, there are still some people who don’t care about where their money comes from. what is in their minds is making a lot of money, multiplied, and does not matter what kind of job they done as long as the money running into their pocket.

guys, find anything good that Allah has provide for us is much better, even there are abundant of black money in the world. but that black money won’t give you happiness and blessings, for it is easy come easy go and sometime troublemakings.


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