get yourself proud of your country

8 Desember, 2007

embarrassing, if you find your country is so corrupt, poor, bad managed, no hope, not champion, and so on. you may not be proud of it, and cover your face wherever you go. you may be so ashamed to be your country’s citizen. and hopeful to go to the moon as you can’t find any place in this world good enough to fulfill your expectation.

wow, if you find yourself are in the middle of nowhere like above, what would you do?

i suggest you not to think much about it, it wouldn’t help you out of those condition. the best you can do to get out of those are wake up and do anything good you can do for your country, at least for yourself. stop wishing and dreaming, the time is running out while you’re sleeping.

don’t ever think what your country can offer you, but do whatever you can do for your country, at least for yourself.

halal for your consideration

8 Desember, 2007

Many Muslims think if a food product does not contain animal derived ingredients and no alcohol, it is okay to eat. This is not true because many food products contain hidden ingredients which are Haram.

Take an example of Apple Juice, it is made from Halal fruit Apple and the ingredients statement says it is 100% apple juice. However, during the processing of apple juice, the colloidal material and coarse suspended solids cause cloudiness to apple juice. In order to make apple juice clear, a clarification process is needed. Pork or beef gelatin tannin precipitation is used for this clarification. Many apple juice producers still use this method. An apple juice company’s 800 number can be found on an apple juice package, which does not have a kosher symbol on it. If you call this number, the operator will say that their apple juice does not contain animal derived ingredients and alcohol. However, the pork gelatin-tannin is a processing aid ingredient or hidden ingredient. This juice becomes Haram because of a contamination of pork gelatin. Only Halal or kosher certified apple juice is Halal because both certifications protect Muslims from Haram ingredients.

So please do not assume that no animal derived ingredients and no alcohol in a food product means it is Halal.


Nah, memang seharusnya banyak pertimbangan ketika kita memilih minuman atau makanan, terutama bila kita tinggal di negara non muslim yang tidak begitu memperhatikan halal-haram. selama kita dapat memastikan kehalalannya dengan mengecek produk tertentu pada institusi halal yang ada maka itu lebih baik. namun jika tidak, menjauhi produk tersebut sedapat mungkin adalah langkah yang bijak.

bagi yang tinggal di negara muslim, seharusnya bersyukur dan berbangga karena ada institusi halal yang dapat dipercaya dan memperhatikan urusan umat islam sehingga lebih mudah bagi setiap muslim untuk memilih makanan dan minuman yang halal baik dan enak sesuai tuntunan agama.

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