it’s london, then…

when i came to london on Dec 2nd, 2007 the weather is about 5C and i feel so cold just the time the tube arrived at upton park station. padahal selama di airport hingga naik tube, i didn’t feel so cold before. plus, the day was rainy, so the cold makin tambah lah. mampir di rumah asim for breakfast and mandi. guess that i couldn’t get the temperature. so mandi saat itu adalah wrong time. but i had to, because my long journey sejak saturday afternoon until monday morning (actually, if arriving london at 5 am, means 12 pm in jakarta), boleh dikira tak segar jika tak bathing.

asim then took me to a pakistani restaurant to have our lunch, makan donner turki yang subhanallah, mantap kenyangnya! then catch the tube to whitechapel and took join prayer for zuhr and asr. because asim was called by his motherfor shopping, he only accompany me till i get the piccadily line straight to heathrow. what a short day in london, between rain and shine. gak sempat mampir oxford circus, maybe next time.

it was dark in heathrow when waiting for boarding to canada. i join the prayer for magrib and isha before board the plane. it was an 8 hours journey to vancouver, must have enough rest to get fresh when arrived.

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