frozen calgary

14 Desember, 2007

it was take a long time to decide joining this course after canceling the same topic in october due to US visa application reason. because of find another course outside my scope of job was unacceptable, i came back to this topic and found it hold in calgary, in december, early winter.

few times was taken to get familiar with this city, from its weather, its panorama, its life, its food, many things. first time step on this city, the temperature was -22 C, it’s not only cold, but very cold as i am a tropical man. how could i pass this winter? thanks to God, all winter things were prepared in Jakarta prior to fly. and fortunately, i have jacky, was a school friend, to pick me at calgary airport.

i was coming to calgary with my 2 friends, and we decided to share the room in ramada hotel downtown although we were joining different topics and venue. both of my friend should take tram and bus to get their course venue, while i only went down the stair for 4 floors only.

in the beginning, 10 days course plus 2 days off was feel too long, but as the time goes by, and we did enjoy our course and off, it’s just passed so fast. minus 5 C to minus 20 C is a usual condition we face everyday. watching the snow fall from the sky and touch our dry face skin was very nice experience. watching the snow melt and clear the road, was a grateful moment. play on the snow was very interesting for the first time people like us.

dear frozen calgary in early december, although we know you’ll have the coldest ever in february, i hope this journey, its course and everything i can take for any lessons are useful and applicable to my daily job and life.

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