morning trip

As a worker in jakarta, wake up in the morning is a must. You have to get out of your house early before the birds sing and the sun rise. This morning, I woke up late, yesterday was a very tired day. After bath and dress, eat some “ketan”, hug my son and kiss my wife, I walk to catch “ojek” to “angkot”. But I find no “ojek” this morning, I thought they’re full occupied. An Innova came and stop by me, a head show on the window and offer me a ride.

He is my neighbor, a director of a company. Usually he ride me –not him actually, but his driver– to the busway shelter in Pertanian. But he offer to ride me to his office, and take the busway from there is less struggle than from Pertanian because of the counter flow of morning trend. In the morning, many people go to the north to work and cause the traffic jam a long the ways, but less people go from the north to work so the traffic is more fine.

I took this offer to have more discussion, it’s quite difficult to find the time to discuss with him as he is a busy man. So did my morning trip live with discussion, not boring as usual when i ride the busway. I got some ideas from the discussion to share, but I have an appointment this morning. And I hope to share those ideas when my time is spare. Thank you!

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