balada $100

I walked around the mall and found that I lost $35. It may be happened when I pick something from the pocket and the money was fallen. Then I release it. When I want to contact someone, I opened the locker to take the phonebook out, I found a $100 lied in it. I’m certainly unsure that the money shouldn’t be there, because I have checked all the locker when checked in. I recounted and confused whether the money is mine or not. What should I do? Then I contact many ustadz to give their opinion based on Islamic teaching about finding money.


  1. Kembalikan kepada pihak hotel karena sejatinya bukan hak kita. Insya Allah dengan kejujuran kita akan banyak dollar lagi yang akan diterima. Keikhlasan kita diuji dengan kejujuran. (Yusuf Mansur)
  2. Mungkin itu penggantian dari Allah, ambil, gunakan untuk infaq seperti yang sudah ente ikhlaskan. Wallahu a’lam.
  3. Kalau yakin punya sendiri, tentu saja tidak masalah. Tapi kalau tidak yakin, tidak boleh kita ambil. Jalan terbaik, saran saya, berikan ke pihak hotel. Barangkali ada tamu lain yang ketinggalan itu uang. Kalau ternyata belakangan ingat bahwa itu milik kita, niatkan saja dari awal: shodaqoh.
  4. Umumkan saja kalau menemukan uang, bisa ke staf hotel tetapi uangnya  tetap dipegang karena itu tanggung jawab yang menemukan. Pengumuman berlaku setahun. Lewat dari itu menjadi hak yang menemukan.
  5. You just wait and see for few days, if no one claim for the money, then it’s yours. You don’t have to announce and wait for a year as a hadith describe for someone who found a gold on the street. $100 is not as precious as gold, and you’re not staying in this city for a year. When you announce that you found money, there will be more than one person come to you and claim the money and make you confuse whose money is that. So I suggest you to wait and see. (Imam Masjid Brantford)

What did I do then? I put the money inside the locker as the way i found it at the first time. And waiting for miracle that the money will grow 😀 [just kidding]. I told the hotel staff that I found the money, and asked them to let me know if someone or previous guest looking for it.

Then I lost my new $5 calling card too, so the total lost value is $40. When I met the hotel staff, she told me that she called the previous guest for asking if he lost some money. He claimed that he was not only lost money of $100 but more than it and lost something else. She trust me to be honest about the founding, and she didn’t trust him as he blamed the next guest and hotel for his lost. Then the hotel staff give a bright solution:

“Keep $50 with you, we thank you for your honesty and you’re not responsible anymore for the money you kept. And I keep the rest in the box for someone who will claim for it, otherwise will be send to charity.”

Then I keep the $50 with me, but still I’m not satisfied for this solution. And I thought that the money is not mine, I shouldn’t be bothered with it. I should leave it at the place I found it, or gave it to the hotel, so that all responsibilities taken by the hotel.

An ustadz told me that I must not accept the $50 if discounted from the money I’ve found. But I may receive it if the hotel give me the money from their own deposit as a gratitude. After sometime, I back to that hotel and ask them to receive the other $50 I kept because I could not stand with the money. So now, that all $100 given to the hotel for someone who may be claim for it. And I found my heart rest in peace, alhamdulillah.

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