give privilege for pedestrians

something that hardly to find in this jakarta city is facilities for pedestrians. we can find only on some spots like green line of sudirman street and thamrin street, or in commercial estates like mega kuningan, SCBD, rasuna epicentrum, and some places in old jakarta and neighborhood area of the president palace. for the rest of the city: pedestrian is not acknowledged. their walk are robbed by the pavement commercials who install their tents, or by the motorcyclist who ride avoid the traffic jam.

and the attitude of the way users like driver or motorcyclist shows no respect for the pedestrians. they don’t allow to give pedestrian across the street eventhough there is zebracross. the only save place to cross is where the zebracross equipped by the traffic light. pedestrian often to be the victim of street accident.

of the above description will only realized by those who ever walk as pedestrian, driver and cyclist in the same time. people who never walk as pedestrian may see that my reason is not acceptible. people who drive or cycle usually blame the pedestrian and rarely to give them the way to cross the street. we should not minimize the privilege for pedestrian, as they are the dominant way user than other. so my friend, why don’t you give pedestrian the privilege?

One Response to give privilege for pedestrians

  1. […] di atas zebracross atau tempat penyeberangan pejalan kaki; sudah pejalan kaki kesusahan trotoar, eh tempat nyebrang jalan aja masih dikorting sama mobil atau motor… kesiaan deh pejalan […]

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