days without mom

these two days were hard time for me to taking care our children without their mother. my two and a half years son was on his very active season and need for attention so much. while my two months daughter was still breastfed. i just couldn’t imagine what’s gonna be if their mother went for a while for a business trip.

a colleague contact her to help a harbour cottage project in batam, she then was invited to see the place and take some notes for interior designs and suggestions on next development. she left us behind and put a trust on me to take care her lovely children. she also leave with us some bottles of breast milk for our beautiful daughter.

thank God, my wife’s mother was here and ready to help me. while i play with my son, she help me to care my daughter, vise versa. and everything was on track until the breast milk running out. i don’t want my baby eat formula milk on her golden period of breastfeeding. but we running out of her mother’s breast milk and my wife couldn’t go back on time due to the travel plan.

to help my daughter from starvation, i cook goat milk for her. i read on some literature that the composition of goat milk is similar to human milk. i just hope the milk is fine for her.

i see my children were behave while their mother out, and i wish always be like that so that my wife can enjoy her job.

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