Madagascar 2 is a gay movie

madagascar2Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa (M2EA) is the sequel from its first movie, Madagascar. Undoubtedly every family will be happy to watch this movie as the first sequel has made the strike. I was plan to watch this movie in IMAX format with my family in Keongemas Theatre TMII as the debit mandiri offer a half price promotion for ticket purchasing. I really did not recognise that this is a gay movie until I bought a Rp23 thousands’ McDonald’s Happy Meal with M2EA souvenirs for my son. I ask for Talking Toy Marty the Zebra for the souvenir. When I shake the toy, it sounds: “I like the boy, you guys all crazy!” I thought I hear something odd, then I try to listen to what Marty say, but it back clearly to that sound: “I like the boy, you guys all crazy!”

I googled this odd and found some links informs this here and here. This film offers not only morals of friendship, loves and family, but also the message of homosexual. So my dear friends, if you really care of your children, would you still watch this movie or give them a M2EA’s McD’s happy meal souvenir?

And what will I do then to that Marty toy is take the batteries off so that it will not talking again 🙂

[ndi, 050109]

5 Responses to Madagascar 2 is a gay movie

  1. yusahrizal berkata:

    So, this movie give us an information that animals like lion and zebra have probability to be homosexual and asking kids to be gay? Funny and riddicolous, but I have no interest to see this movie. I prefer wall-e.

  2. dinie berkata:

    hi mas andi.. wah, makasih ya dah mampir ke blog saya. maap ga pake ijin dulu maen unduh2 aja artikel dari blognya.. jadi maluw.

    anyway, madagascar is gr8. I just try to take the positive message from the movie, and dont care bout the gay smell inside hehe. Since, I am normal, though 😉

    once again, thanks ya mas andi.

  3. mpwilson berkata:

    Oh, give me a break!! It’s just a kids movie, and it’s meant to be fun. And from everything I’ve read about this movie (haven’t seen it yet, but I’m planning on it), it’s all about accepting your children for who they are and who they grow up to be … not some preconceived stereotype or notion from the parent of who they should be and how they should act.

    Just because a child is male doesn’t necessarily mean they have to act and behave a certain way. They can be whomever they want to be, and as a parent you should be encouraging that.

    I would think you would be greatful for this movie to teach such tolerance to your children for you.

    • andi berkata:

      thank you for comments. I agree of accepting children for who they are and who they grow up to be. but still the children need fundamental morals so that they can grow up to be whatever they want. i do believe, those fundamental things will give them a kind of life they will be living in. integrity, faith, responsibility, and surrender to God will lead them on straight path and they won’t be left astray.

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