Honorary Member, was it for our teachers?

When i received a business card from the lecturer who thaught a technical short course several days ago, i put my eyes on a phrase printed on it: Honorary Member of SPE. I have no wonder how did he get that title, as he is an expert on his subject and dedicated his 60 years experiences for oil industry. For your information SPE stands for Society of Petroleum Engineer, a prestigious association for those who work in oil industry. New engineers or those who just join the SPE still holding their Regular Member until prove their dedication to the oil world.

The lecturer himself is now about 80s, but he still a motivated person who share his knowledge, by teaching, delivering seminars, or writing technical papers. So that you must be agree for the title printed on the lecturer’s business card: Honorary Member 🙂

Compare to the condition of our country, many “honorary” teachers fight for their status to be “regular” teachers. It is reasonable that regular teacher status as civil servant give them clear warranty on their salary and pension plan, which can not be achieved by their “honorary” status. But, what if the title “honorary” is maintained as per its original meaning of honor. Unfortunately Bahasa Indonesia does not distinct the word “honorarium” to “honorary”: “honorer”. If this re-translate into English will get the word: “honorary”.

However, teachers must be honorable person who work for respectable job, although honorary (meant to take honorarium) 🙂

2 Responses to Honorary Member, was it for our teachers?

  1. Athena berkata:

    guru honorer? means “honorary teachers” 😆 ah, situ bisa aja..

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