Refuelling Trip

Everytime you need to refueled your spirit, go visit somebody. It could be anybody: hang out with the groups, talks to your friends, consult with the pious, romantic dinner with your love. While you far away, you may contact them via telephone, e-mail or internet chatting services. You also may visit somebody you’ve know at where you’re assigned.

In this trip, I would like to visit my relative and friend at my spare time. It takes about 3.5 hours to Austin from Dallas, 2.5 hours to College Station from Austin, and 3 hours to Dallas from College Station. Pass the highway, interstate and country road. Take some night race with a growled sportcar. Creep behind the police car. Refill on low tires  and gas at gas station. Speeding through the fog and mist. This weekend trip has refueled my spirit.

My relative is US residence and working in the US since 1997, runaway from Indonesian companies which can not suffice his idealism on professionalism attitude. While my friend is a Master Candidate of Petroleum Engineering Department, Texas A&M University, runaway from Indonesian company to reach his dream studying in US. And my travel mate during this trip is an experience  who become wiser at his age.

Conversations were made in this trip. Share the experiences and perspectives that may enrich my knowledges. Build close relationship and keep contact with them.

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