to love is to follow

Allah has created everything that exists in nature with a sense of love, including the man who has made as caliph, bearers of trust on earth. So the love of Allah to man, He did not allow us to live without purpose and without guidance. Human beings were not created by Allah but to serve Him [1] by purifying worship without associate with Him in worship of any kind[2].

However, can not be denied that some people worship their own way and think that Allah will accept their worship[3]. They argue that the love is the religion itself, even Allah is the love, so they replenish themselves with love it is it. Though there is no reason for anyone who claims to love, except to follow what is desired by the beloved.

Consequence of the love of Allah requires us to follow the Prophet as the Messenger in all goodness, faith, tawadhu’, and humble ourselves, thus all the sins we have done will be forgiven[4]. And whoever loves the Prophet, is mandatory for him to accept all guidances given by the Prophet, indeed it is really the best guidance. Among the evidence to follow the Prophet is believed that what was conveyed by him solely from Allah and the Prophet is not lying, reducing or adding to the words of Allah.

Then, with adherence to his commands, away from what he forbids, worship by following the Sunnah and avoid heresy as the worst case and an error that can lead us to Hell. In addition, a sign of devotion to the Prophet should be realized by sending Salawat as a tribute to him when his name is called, whether in prayer or on other occasions[5].

That’s what true love should be addressed to Allah and the Prophet.

[1] QS 51:56. “And I (Allah) created not the jinns and humans except they should worship Me (Alone).”

[2] QS 98:5. “And they were commanded not, but that they should worship Allah, and worship none but Him Alone (abstaining from ascribing partners to Him), and perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat) and give Zakat: and that is the right religion.”

[3] QS 2:165. “And of mankind are some who take (for worship) others besides Allah as rivals (to Allah). They love them as they love Allah. But those who believe, love Allah more (than anything else). If only, those who do wrong could see, when they will see the torment, that all power belongs to Allah and that Allah is Severe in punishment.”

[4] QS 3:31. Say (O Muhammad SAW to mankind): “If you (really) love Allah then follow me (i.e. accept Islamic Monotheism, follow the Qur’an and the Sunnah), Allah will love you and forgive you of your sins. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

[5] QS 33:56. “Allah sends His Salawat (Graces, Honours, Blessings, Mercy, etc.) on the Prophet (Muhammad SAW) and also His angels too (ask Allah to bless and forgive him). O you who believe! Send your Salawat on (ask Allah to bless) him (Muhammad SAW), and (you should) greet (salute) him with the Islamic way of greeting (salutation i.e. As-Salamu ‘Alaikum).”

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