the great wall

If we fail to reach the Great Wall we are not men.”

This famous quote of Mao Zedong inspires millions of tourists visiting the Great Wall each year. And on this autumn I was feel fortunate to have a chance visit the Great Wall. Badaling is by far the most popular Great Wall of China site for travelers, mainly because it is close to Beijing (less than two hours away) and is much easier to climb than the other Great Wall sections.

The Badaling section was built around 500 years ago – and was extensively renovated by the present Chinese government over the last several decades. Be mindful that Badaling swarms with tour groups, individual tourists and hawkers – and has become somewhat tacky. This could taint your photographs and memories of an otherwise visually striking Great Wall of China site.


3 Responses to the great wall

  1. […] are a series of chained padlock on a place in one side of the Great Wall. On each padlock engraved the names and hopes. The people who put the lock there usually couples […]

  2. choirul berkata:

    wow…. i have a dream to go to there…

    sorry my english is bad

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