muslim in China – 3

28 November, 2010

After took a shopping at the market of exotic, Tianjin Tanggu Yanghuo Market Pedestrian Streets, and find an original tea gift shop at the Xiugu Commercial Plaza, we went to Tanggu mosque which is laid on Zhongxin North Road to take a prayer. It was during festival, there were a lot of activity in the courtyard of the mosque. Spilled blood of slughtered livestocks, some cattles were still waiting to be slaughtered the next day. While the kitchen was busy preparing the celebration.

When the time for evening prayer come, we wait about 15 minutes for congregation. One by one came to take sunnah prayer and then came out. After a while, somebody echoed the prayer call in front of the mosque, a few people came in to the prayer hall. We conduct the evening prayer in congregation.

My chinese friend asked about the prayer procedure, “Is it the same at everywhere, the way you pray? Can you go to any mosque to do the prayer?” And I answered, “Yes, muslims are united by the same language and procedure to conduct the prayer, and you can go to any mosque to pray. Even if you could not find any mosque, as long as the place is clean enough and is not a toilet, sure you can pray there.”

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