muslim in China – 6

Idul Adha is one of muslim feasts that took place on the tenth day until the thirteenth day of month Dzulhijjah. After took a congregation prayer, wealthy people of muslim slaughter the cattles (such as cow, bull, sheep and goat) for their meat distributed to the poor and some are presented to the family. Among Chinese muslims, many events were held to celebrate the day. In an Arabic-language television shows covering other forms of events organized to celebrate Eid al-Adha, there was a celebration dinner to the accompaniment of dances from the countries of origin of Chinese muslims combined with middle eastern dance.

But the fact which makes me more amazed was the television channel I was watching: China Central Television (CCTV-العربية) that provide Arabic language broadcasting services to reach more than 300 million Arabic-speaking audiences. Even though my Arabic language skills are minimal, but I was feels more comfortable to watch Arabic-language after listening to mandarin conversations mixed with english all the day.

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