it’s muslim clothing

My eyes lit up, seeing some faces of Indonesian in the second row of tarawih prayers in Masjid Muhammadi. Also their eyes sparkled as are trying to communicate with me from afar. After the congregation dispersed, I approach one of them and ask if he is really Indonesian people or may be from other nation with similar races. He introduced himself and his two brothers, also his friend. He came from Bandung, the family are already lived in Houston since 9/11. He can speak Indonesia fluently to communicate with his parent while his brothers are practicing. We chat a lot as introduction. I was questioning him for he was wearing gamis, if it were occasionally or usually.

He said that he only wear gamis for Ramadan, he proud with that. While for the women, wearing hijab is identically muslimah but what about with the men. Although it is permissible to wearing jeans or western clothing, gamis could distinguish you from other, it show your identity and proudness as a muslim. It is a way to introduce to other people that you’re a muslim.

[2 Ramadan 1432, for Yunus and two brothers Iman, Ahmad, and their friend Ibrahim]

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  1. Abdullah Yunus berkata:

    Assalamulakum. I am the eldest yunus. How are you 😀 may allah subhana wa ta ala. Make’s us among the people who inherited his firdaus.

  2. […] The second masjid is Masjid Muhammadi which is laid on 11830 Corona Lane. The masjid is a big house with many function rooms. The prayer hall is also spacious too, divided into two hall, each for women and men. Compare to Makkah Masjid, Masjid Muhammadi is more simple with less ornament (or calligraphy). The library is set in the room next to prayer hall. I conduct my isya prayer there, and later for juma’a prayer and tarawih. A Bengali man recognise my face as a malay ethnic, as he was ever stayed for about 2 year in Malaysia. I went for tarawih at this masjid, because they conduct the prayer in sunnah way. In this masjid where I first became acquainted to my new friends, Yunus brothers. […]

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