about these ads, dear wordpress.com

ad-free-banner2There was not any ad appears on my postings in free blog service of pondokecil.wordpress.com provided by wp. I have been using this service since 8 years ago, wp give me more comfort than any other free blog services. Recently, wp offers a domain name for my blog as they preserving the name during this time from being purchased by any domain name registrar, which usually offer higher price for recognized name based on it’s traffic search.

Wp also offer premium services for those who upgrades their blog from free service as wp cannot promise that they can serve any longer for this kind of service  and may stop at any time to keep them still on line. For this upgrade, options start from $99 per year, and every user may have more flexibilities to manage their blog. For me who use the blog only to keep my brain awake by mind sharing, i need no more than knowing that my blog is already recognized although not popular.

In order to that, i decided to purchase the domain from wp store for only $18 per year. During registration wp also offered, which i did not purchased, a private registration with an extra $8 to protect contact details of being  made public. Up here, every thing looks okay and i can start to master my own domain. Then i publicize my first writing under new domain, and found there is a space under the last sentence an “About these ads” hyperlink shown in my post.

Clicking on it brought me to a page explaining that those ads give wp a living and provide services not only for the paid users but also to those who use free services. Wp suggest me to take premium upgrades and have my blog clean from ads. What my concern is that when you are using free service, there was no ad shown in your blog, once you get your own domain by purchasing in wp store, you get those ads and suggested to have ad-free service by upgrade to premium. Isn’t that sounds silly?

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