My Trip and My Adventure


Below is the script of above picture. It was written by Radya, 9 yo, in his first English camp experience. Enjoy!

My scines is “Make a Rocket”
I was look for more videos
And i was sleep for 2 night
I was eat and drink in there
and i go there with my little brother and sister
It’s my fun Adventure
Outbon its my favorite game in this challange
I am noting late wen i go to class
and this is my Trip and my Adventure
all the kids was ixiting for that
and i so sleeped in the night
i was going to the bath and go to the class
My Trip is the best
And my Adventure is the great
it was my story in Eduventure/Dompet Dhuafa
and i Dreamed i can fly
the song is “I Belive i can fly”
its a loot of story
i have to tell my story to my Mom/Dad
i am the first kids in my family
Im 9 years old
i have 3 little sister and 3 brother
my mom name is: “Citra Sani Saraswati”
and my Dad name is: “Afriandi eka prasetya”
My dad occupation is: “Employee
and my mother occupation is: housewife
It’s All my story ” Thank you!”

From: Radya Kaulan Maisura

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