muslim in China – 5

8 Desember, 2010

Shopping at Ikea, Dalian was spending much time. We almost forgot to eat until our tummy were rumbling. But first, we need to find the Dalian Mosque in Beijing Street, near People’s Square, Dalian, and took day prayer there. The mosque was built in 1922. At the time of Cultural Revolution happened in China until 1979, all of worship building for any religion include this mosque did not operate.

In the courtyard there are several holes that had been prepared for the slaughter of the cattles. And there is  a wall inscribed with a verse of the Qur’an which reads: “And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided.”


We met Imam Hajj Yusuf as the master of the mosque, he invited us to come to the mosque at 9 a.m. in the next day for Idul Adha prayer. After had a light chat with him, we say goodbye to him, and went for late lunch at Alabo Dalian Minzu Restaurant which laid just the next building to the mosque. This restaurant managed by Chinese muslim, serving meals in mediteranian style. We feel very relieved and satisfied eating at this restaurant because it guarantees provided halal cuisine.

muslim in China – 4

7 Desember, 2010

It was a lucky for me that our generous Chinese friends understood muslim can not eat pork nor can drink alcoholic beverages. They took us to restaurants that muslims are the owner. Sometime they took us to Chinese restaurants that serve vegetarian meals or just don’t serve pork.

Although Muslim Cuisine Restaurant on Qianmen Street, Beijing (near Tian’anmen Square) served halal and very nice taste of Chinese food and Arab (阿拉伯) Dalian Minzu Restaurant, Dalian (near People’s Square) served halal and very nice taste of middle east food, they still provide wines, chinese liquor, and beer.

I did not know the reasons until then I found that many diners are not muslim, and these restaurants still have to survive. This issue is one of a matter of Islamic jurisprudence that is perhaps still likely to be understood as an emergency condition.

no facebook please

22 November, 2010

“According to local government regulation, facebook, twitter and other social networking is not allowed and disabled from our internet service.” It is stated when you click a user agreement during your use of internet services at Shangri-La Hotel Kerry Centre, Beijing and Shangri-La Hotel Dalian in China. Also in public internet such as airport and wi-fi spots. And so does at The Peninsula Palace Hotel, Beijing. Almost at every internet spot do not allow access to that kind of pages. Even accessing wordpress is disabled. This kind of policy made me wonder if facebook, twitter, wordpress are harmful or act as a threat to people of China? Or just as my company does, that those kind of pages are huge consumed of bandwith and never increase any productivity of the workers?

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