My Trip and My Adventure

23 Desember, 2015


Below is the script of above picture. It was written by Radya, 9 yo, in his first English camp experience. Enjoy!

My scines is “Make a Rocket”
I was look for more videos
And i was sleep for 2 night
I was eat and drink in there
and i go there with my little brother and sister
It’s my fun Adventure
Outbon its my favorite game in this challange
I am noting late wen i go to class
and this is my Trip and my Adventure
all the kids was ixiting for that
and i so sleeped in the night
i was going to the bath and go to the class
My Trip is the best
And my Adventure is the great
it was my story in Eduventure/Dompet Dhuafa
and i Dreamed i can fly
the song is “I Belive i can fly”
its a loot of story
i have to tell my story to my Mom/Dad
i am the first kids in my family
Im 9 years old
i have 3 little sister and 3 brother
my mom name is: “Citra Sani Saraswati”
and my Dad name is: “Afriandi eka prasetya”
My dad occupation is: “Employee
and my mother occupation is: housewife
It’s All my story ” Thank you!”

From: Radya Kaulan Maisura

days without mom

26 Desember, 2008

these two days were hard time for me to taking care our children without their mother. my two and a half years son was on his very active season and need for attention so much. while my two months daughter was still breastfed. i just couldn’t imagine what’s gonna be if their mother went for a while for a business trip.

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give privilege for pedestrians

12 Desember, 2008

something that hardly to find in this jakarta city is facilities for pedestrians. we can find only on some spots like green line of sudirman street and thamrin street, or in commercial estates like mega kuningan, SCBD, rasuna epicentrum, and some places in old jakarta and neighborhood area of the president palace. for the rest of the city: pedestrian is not acknowledged. their walk are robbed by the pavement commercials who install their tents, or by the motorcyclist who ride avoid the traffic jam.

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morning trip

28 April, 2008

As a worker in jakarta, wake up in the morning is a must. You have to get out of your house early before the birds sing and the sun rise. This morning, I woke up late, yesterday was a very tired day. After bath and dress, eat some “ketan”, hug my son and kiss my wife, I walk to catch “ojek” to “angkot”. But I find no “ojek” this morning, I thought they’re full occupied. An Innova came and stop by me, a head show on the window and offer me a ride.

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