thank you dad

24 Januari, 2015

Thank you Dad,

For every lesson you have taught, for every moment you have spent with me, for every support you have given to me, for every smile you have shared, for every good thing you have shown, for every point you have directed, for every joy we have done together, and for everything.

We ask Allah to bestow you His compassion, to grant you a peaceful rest beneath, a better place to dwell, an enjoyable and prosperous life hereafter in His Jannah, to protect you from punishment in the grave and from Hell-fire.

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celebrating joy and peace

30 Desember, 2013

if a muslim celebrate the joy and peace in this holiday season is certainly not because he was celebrating christmas and new year.

but he should celebrate his belief and thankful to God that He has already detain the heavens from torn, earth from split asunder, mountains from fall in ruins, and has suspend the painful torment.

as a sign of His love is much more greater than the sense of insult He obtained from the words: “God has begotten a son”

(ref: Quran, surah 19: 88-93)

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