i request for special meal

4 Desember, 2007

flying with an airline, even though arranged by travel agent, we can make our fly better. choose the time sufficient for you to do the administration process in the airport. for me, as a muslim, meals and drinks does matter. actually you can request special meals before flying so that the airline can preserve for you. and something good that you can request it is by joining as member of frequent flyer. you just not only can request for the meals, but you can also request for the seat preference, and you will get the mile points which can be exchange to free journey when achieve some values.

when flying british airways from jakarta to london via hong kong, the cathay pacific (code share with british airways) flight attendant came to my seat and explain that they don’t serve for the moslem meal requested. then she give me list of meals i can choose. i prefer vegetarian and fish. in the flight to london, the attendance automatically serve for me moslem meal. but in the morning, i was shock when served an english breakfast: pork sausage and meat.

“i cant eat this, i have request for special meal,” then the attendance notice shortly, “oh sorry, maybe was serve while you were sleep. i will get your meal soon.”

and my special meal then come, and i can eat in convenience.

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